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Engine Builds & EFI Tuning

When it comes down to building an engine don't make the mistake we have seen people make over and over, you hand your car and investment to some one that you think can build your engine. Building an engine is not like painting a wall where you can cover a spot if you make a mistake, either its built right with no mistakes or the consequences of it are catastrophic. It’s like throwing money down the drain.

Here at Race Lab Motorsports we have credentials to build engines, our engine building department was trained and graduated from EFI University in Arizona in order get the correct preparation. There is a huge difference when it comes down to building engines we don’t just build them, we do Engine Blue Printing.

EFI tuning is not a video game were you have countless lives, make one mistake tuning on the street or one mistake from not knowing what you are doing on changing parameters and game over buddy. Our lead tuner was trained and has an EFI Tuner Certification from the EFI University in Arizona in order to properly tune your engine. When you`re tuning an engine you are trying to determine what the engine wants, not what you read in a book written in 1994, what your friends say, or what your pet theory states should be right. The engine itself must always be the test bed to reject or accept any changes you make. There is more in it than just adding or taking fuel out, everything must be done correct & set for all conditions, or the engine might detonate, explode, overheat, or just run poorly. We have an in house Dyno jet were we can safely tune your car in a controlled environment with the latest technology, so don’t tune on the streets.